Electric motor and its evolution

The electric motor arose at the time of the industrial revolution is increasingly present in the processes and equipment. Since its creation until engine has undergone many studies on some results in a more than significant improvement. world wide electric products

To understand the evolution of the electric motor just analyze how it is present in various segments and processes. The engine very effective and presents cost and benefit which further favors their use. In addition, this engine serves to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, it runs the operation for the machines and the processes it is located.

The research shows that this engine still has a lot to evolve. Several tests are being done and certainly we have significant improvements in the functioning of these engines. Not to mention also that will greatly increase the types of implementation of this engine. Learn more about and stay on top of every detail.

Three-phase induction electric motor has simple operation

Although very efficient, the electric three-phase induction motor has a very simple operation as the electric three-phase induction motor only repeats the grid frequency at which it is attached.

The frequency of the alternating current network is the amount of times this current switches per second and this change can be measured in Hertz 174695.

The oscillating voltage goes directly to the electric motor windings and they form a rotating field and the electric motor of three-phase induction follows this field. Thus, the higher the frequency, the faster the field happen and electric three-phase induction motor is able to rotate faster.

By placing a frequency inverter in the electric motor, this will cause the frequency of the network that feeds the electric motor of three-phase induction to be changed and this will cause the electric motor three-phase induction varies its speed very efficiently. Peta Dunia